Getting back to work
Non-Fiction / November 15, 2017

All the information you could ever need when you are looking for a new job.   WHAT IS IT ABOUT? As I’m writing this blog post, I am looking for a new job. Times are tough, and it is no longer unheard of to get retrenched. When I saw Getting Back to Work by Linda K Rolie, I knew I had to read it. And boy, am I glad that I did. This book is full of information, tips, and tricks that you didn’t think of. And to top that off, it also gives you emotional support. Let’s face it, losing a job is a huge loss. Especially when you did not choose to leave. It is completely normal to experience all the phases of grief. These include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance. I am definitely still in denial. A lot of people tie their identity to their jobs. It gives us a sense of meaning and belonging in the world. THE PLAN OF ACTION According to Getting Back to Work, there are no wasted experiences or mistakes. There are only lessons. When you lose a job or decide to make a switch, it is a great time…

Non-Fiction / November 3, 2017

An inspirational rag to riches story. Find your place in the world, and own it like a #Girlboss.   WHAT IS IT ABOUT? #Girlboss is a book by Sophia Amoruso, the founder, and owner of Nasty Gal Vintage. When she was 23 years old, she started an online eBay store. She sold vintage clothing that she bought from thrift stores. Her eBay store became such a hit, that she decided to start her own website. Her company quickly became a huge hit, and she had to upgrade her storage areas and her staff. She pretty much had to figure out everything about the business world as she went. HER PAST Sophia admits in her book that she has always struggled to stay committed to anything. First, she struggled in school. She went to a lot of different schools. The doctors diagnosed her with ADD and depression. After that, she got homeschooling. Then she tried and failed, to keep a steady job. She lived a nomadic lifestyle and turned to dumpster diving and stealing for a living. Her wake-up call came after she got caught stealing.   HER SUCCESS Amoruso’s last job before she became successful, was in an art university’s lobby….

The 18 rules of happiness
Non-Fiction / October 21, 2017

“Try to read the book a couple of times in the first week, then at least once a month thereafter.” -Karl Moore   WHAT IS IT ABOUT? The 18 rules of happiness is a short book crammed with wisdom. Karl Moore penned this 18 simple rules. Each rule is a little light-bulb moment that brings you closer to being happy.Life is all about finding happiness, and let’s face it- most of us are struggling to find it. I must admit, that after reading this book, my outlook on life really did change.   SOME OF THE RULES: According to the book, you should learn to accept the situations that you are in right now. Try to be grateful for everything that you have. Try to imagine losing something, and suddenly you will be so much more grateful for having it. Do things that you enjoy. Try to get that childlike bliss back into your life. We all have something that makes us feel alive. Learn to let go of negative emotions. And do random acts of kindness. We all could use more people that are kind. So why not become that person yourself?   BONUS: You get a nifty short…

How to win friends and influence people
Non-Fiction / October 14, 2017

This book will equip you with some rock-solid advice to improve your people skills and help you to be successful in your business and personal life. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? How to win friends and influence people is a self-help book written by Dale Carnegie. It was first published in 1936, but the advice is still as relevant today as it was back then. Over 30 million copies of this books got sold worldwide. It also landed at number 19 on the Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential books in 2011. That statistic alone should give you an idea of how much this book can teach you. Dale Carnegie uses everyday people and situations as examples. He explains how phycology and human relations can alter the outcome of different situations. According to Carnegie, everybody thinks that they are great. By using the ego of the other person, you can change their mindsets to your advantage. HOW TO HANDLE PEOPLE: According to Dale Carnegie, you should never criticize, condemn or complain. People tend to close to you completely as soon as you criticize them. They will become defensive and start to resent you. Another technique in handling people is, to…

Dr Abravanel’s Body Type Diet
Non-Fiction / October 7, 2017

Lose the ‘one size fits all’ approach to dieting. Eat according to your body type, and feel the health benefits with Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type Diet.   WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Dr. Abravanel is an American physician and diet counselor. According to him, your body type reveals the perfect diet for every individual. You get a self-test, that will tell you which of the major glands in your body is the dominant one. Your dominant gland influences what your body shape is like. The glandular secretions actually influence your personality, sleeping schedule, and also metabolic activity. It even determines which exercises are better for you. THE BODY TYPES: Thyroid body type -You are long-limbed and fine boned and your face is oval or long. -You easily gain weight on your thighs, upper hips, and around the waist. -You usually crave sweets, starches, and caffeine. -Your energy fluctuates, however it has a tendency to crash. -When your energy levels are high, you are creative and lively. On low energy, or under stress, you become irritable or depressed.   Adrenal Body Type: -You are bigger above the waist than below. -You easily gain weight on your upper back or stomach, while your hips and…

The Power of Habit
Non-Fiction / September 4, 2017

What if radical self-improvement was easy? It can be if you harness the power of habit.   What it’s about The Power of Habit is an easy-to-read book. In simple terms, the book explains how ordinary people made small changes to become extraordinary. A woman struggled with getting her life in order. One day she decided to change. She quit smoking, started running marathons, and got promoted at work. After transforming her life, neurologists discover that her brain patterns have physically changed. She achieved this by focusing on making one small change. It rewired her brain in such a way that the ripple effects showed all through her life. The Power of Habit is being used in businesses and advertising companies as well. They find a simple focal point that causes people to change their habits. By only focusing on worker safety, a CEO managed to change around a struggling manufacturing plant. An advertising company struggles to sell people Febreze. How do they manage to sell billions of dollars’ worth of Febreze? Easy. Just install a habit into people. How does it work Your brain likes habits. It gives you a break from using your willpower all day. Willpower is…

How to stop worrying and start living
Non-Fiction / August 13, 2017

This book will have a profound impact on anybody who reads it. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? According to Dale Carnegie, worrying is a habit. And like all habits, you can break this one too. In “How to stop worrying and start living”, you will find a set of practical tips on how to beat worrying for good. For instance, ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? Then decide whether the worst-case scenario is truly that bad. Form a plan to beat the worst case, and instantly you wouldn’t have anything to worry about anymore. The advice in this book is doable and realistic. The book consists of eight parts. Part 1: Fundamental Facts you should know about worry. Part 2: Basic Techniques in analyzing worry. Part 3: How to break the worry habit before it breaks you. Part 4: Ways to cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace and happiness. Part 5: The perfect way to conquer worry. Part 6: How to keep from worrying about criticism. Part 7: 6 Ways to prevent fatigue and worry and keep your energy and spirits high. Part 8: “How I conquered worry”. WHO SHOULD READ IT? I don’t know…

Zen and the art of housekeeping
Non-Fiction / July 9, 2017

I read this book instead of cleaning my house. It was a very zen experience, lol.   WHAT’S IT ABOUT While she was doing her dishes, Lauren Brownwell had a light bulb moment. She could hate doing the dishes. Or she could stop fighting it. She could rather focus on who she is doing the dishes for. Her kids, her husband. Also for herself. It is the small things that add to the richness and depth of life. So, she turned her point of view around and found peace by cleaning her house. Zen and the art of housekeeping shows us how she did it. It also shows us how we can also become the zen master of our own homes. WHAT I LIKED I really found a lot of useful tips and tricks for housekeeping. Lauren is down to earth, and her techniques are easily achievable. I jotted down her recipes for non-toxic cleaning, using everyday household items. And I will be more conscious of living greener. All in all, the book gave me a new way of looking at my house, and myself. WHAT I DISLIKED I found the koan at the beginning of the chapter, and the…

Year of Yes
Non-Fiction / May 31, 2017

What happens when you say yes to everything that scares you for a whole year? WHAT IS IT ABOUT? I’m an introvert. So, I understand that life can be difficult for introverts. But Shonda Rhymes is an introvert that is also famous. One day, Shonda’s sister says something that changes her whole world. She tells her that she never says yes to anything. So, after much soul-searching, she decides to turn her life around. She did it by saying yes to everything that scares her. Her year of yes. Public events, making speeches, you name it, she did it. This is a story of self-discovery and personal growth. It shows us the difference that self-acceptance can make. Throw in a healthy dose of woman-power and the power of family and friendship.  Year of Yes has it all, and she serves with brilliant humor. I might have found a new favorite book! LESSONS I LEARNED FROM THIS BOOK: SAY YES TO USING YOUR VOICE Everybody is unique in their character and experiences. Maybe somebody out there needs to hear what you have to say. Don’t let fear prevent you from using your voice. SAY YES TO YOUR WEIGHT You need to…

What I talk about when I talk about running
Non-Fiction / May 6, 2017

If you love running, writing, or Haruki Murakami, then this book is for you. WHAT IT’S ABOUT: This is the book that lies on my bedside table. I have read it many times. The book is full of highlights and side notes. Yes, I love What I talk about when I talk about running, a lot. Haruki Murakami is my favorite writer. I was excited when he wrote this memoir centered on the act of running. He wrote the book in the summer of 2005 and finished it in the fall of 2006. He wrote it while he was training for the New York City Marathon. Since 1982, Murakami has been trying to run every day. He also participated in at least one marathon per year. In this book, he describes how his running and writing career affected one another.   WHY I LOVE THIS BOOK: I kept on having moments where I thought, “Me too!”. For instance, when Murakami describes his need for alone time. Running and writing are solitary activities. He describes how running alone for an hour recharges him. He also learns by doing, not by understanding things. It is so refreshing to see him point out…