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Reader. Writer. Blogger. Dreamer. It’s that easy to tell you everything about me in only four words. I grew up with my nose in a book. Quite often, people would make a remark about what a dreamer I am. When I was little I thought that it was an insult. But now that I am all grown up, I know that it is merely a fact. I dream a lot. Especially when I am awake. That is what allows me to write and to blog.

About Me : bookerina.com - Book Reviews

I only blog about books that I really enjoyed, mostly because I don’t read a book if it doesn’t ‘catch’ me in the first few pages. I’m a book-snob like that. That is why I started this blog. I wished tat somebody would create a website with honest reviews about good books. Easy to read, tried and trusted books. The next logical step was to create this website myself. Hopefully somebody out there will find a great book because of this blog.

More random facts about me: my real name is Rina. I live in South Africa. My favorite author is Haruki Murakami. He wrote my favorite book, which is “What I talk about when I talk about running“. I am an INFJ and an Aquarius. Although I don’t take those labels too seriously. My first language is Afrikaans, and English is my second language. So please forgive any spelling or grammar errors I might make.

Although I have not published anything yet, I would love to write children’s books. That’s still a work in progress, but a dreamer can dream. And I believe that action that accompanies a dream creates reality. I will keep you updated if there’s progress.

Another dream I have is to be a runner. Actually, the fact that I run does make me a runner. But I want to be able to run fast and far. For now my goal is to be able to run the local parkrun without stopping. Running really creates an outlet for people who sits and writes a lot.

I am always open to suggestions, so go ahead and let me know about any great book you have read recently. You can use the comments sections, or drop me an email.

My email address is: admin@bookerina.com

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I really hope I can help you to find a book that you like. I categorize my books between fiction and non-fiction. So it will be easy for you to choose. Fiction for when you are on holiday, or just trying to chillax. And non-fiction for days that you are motivated to improve your life, self, finances, etc.

Enjoy reading and dreaming with me!